A Guide to Propane Gas Tank Sizes

Propane gas tanks are popular for many households due to their efficiency and convenience. However, choosing the right propane tank size can be a daunting task.

Propane tanks come in various sizes, ranging from small 20-pound cylinders to large underground tanks that can hold thousands of gallons of propane. The tank size will depend on a few factors, including how much propane you use and how often you need to refill it.

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For most residential purposes, a 500-gallon propane tank is a good choice. This size tank can typically provide enough propane to heat a large home and power other appliances, such as a stove and dryer, for several months. However, you may need a larger tank if you have a larger home or use propane for other purposes, such as heating a pool or spa.

Also, consider the location of the tank when choosing a size. Above-ground tanks are typically smaller and require more frequent refilling, while underground tanks can hold more propane and require less frequent refilling.

When choosing propane gas tanks, you must work with a reputable propane supplier to help you determine the right size for your needs. These professionals can also assist with the installation and ongoing tank maintenance.

When choosing the right propane tank size, always consider your home size and how much propane you use, and work with a trusted propane supplier to determine the right size for you.


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