Running a Local Auto Glass Shop

On the YouTube channel for Auto Glass Direct, their video shows a workday for an independent auto glass company. The video is titled “A Day In The Life of an Independent Auto Glass Business.” Auto glass companies replace front and back windshields and windows in cars, SUVs, and trucks. A local auto glass shop serves consumers, retail, and auto dealers.

In the video the local auto glass shop owner drives several miles to deliver windshields to his fleet account and pick up some products.

Video Source

He loads the windshield into the back of a pickup truck with a special platform with slots that transports the windshield safely.

He says that large accounts do not have the pressure to finish the job quickly. He tells customers glass deliveries can take 3 to 4 weeks. The owner and another worker arrive at a large dealership to replace front windshield on cars and SUV’s.

They often face obstacles like ordering the wrong glass or windshield. At the dealership they set up special equipment, remove windshields, and put new ones on the vehicles. They clean the glass and fit the windshield precisely. On this day, they service 10 vehicles. They consider the work challenging and exciting.

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