A Guide on Prepping FBA Shipments

You need to wear many different hats when you start an FBA business, including packing inventory by yourself. In this video, we look at how to prep your inventory and ship it to the Amazon warehouse, according to the specific directions Amazon provides for you. It’s one thing to prepare an item with FBA prep software, it’s another thing to ship the physical product.

This is important because sending goods that aren’t packed properly to Amazon could result in them not being sold! You need to follow the exact specifications that Amazon provides, including poly bagging items where the product is showing, and avoiding unnecessary space in boxes.

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With these tips, you’ll learn to package any product you might be selling so that it will be accepted by Amazon, and reach your customers intact.

There is so much to think about when running an FBA business, that it’s easy to forget about the simple stuff. Package your inventory correctly will save you a huge headache, and set you up to grow and expand your business without hitting roadblocks. Follow these tips to get the process right, so you can sell more and spend less time with boxes.

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