Why Do Different Parts Cost Different Amounts of Money to Make?

If you recently visited your local CNC machining services and inquired about pricing and found that you were quoted a different price than you were quoted the last time for similar work, you may be a bit dismayed. This video explains why it costs different amounts to machine different items. Many local CNC machining services will use software to figure out pricing.

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The software asks for variables like the size of the part, material type, the finish, if there are tap holes required, and other variables. The type of material can drive the cost of production.

Critical dimensions play a big role in how much a product will cost. Surface roughness, time suspense for production, and other elements can all affect the cost of production. Of course, how many of the items you need plays a role. You may be able to find savings by adjusting the variables a bit like the dimension thickness. This video will help you to better understand how adjusting some of the variables can adjust the price. It is important you know what to expect when it comes to pricing and machining. Watch this video to learn all the basics about cost and pricing in machining.

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