Should You Use Spreader Beams or Lifting Beams?

If you’re considering the purchase of a below-the-hook lifting device, watch this video on the Lifting & Rigging Channel. It does a great job of describing the differences between and the benefits of two types of BTH devices: spreader beams and lifting beams. Let’s dig in!

Hosted by Devon McCarty of Mazzella Companies and with the help of Dan Sherwood, Project Manager for BTH, this video is part of their Rigging Professor series. This episode advises consumers in the market for a lifting device but who need help figuring out how to choose the many options available.

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Both can be good for different applications.

Spreader Beam vs. Lifter Beam: Differences and Uses

The hosts detail the main characteristics of the two lifting device types, including how bending stress affects each beam. Many clips showing both beams in action give the watcher an excellent overview of how each device performs. The hosts discuss which beam might be the best for different types of businesses based on their primary use and space. Then, Devon McCarty walks through the decision-making process for choosing between these two lifting devices. Hopefully, after taking in all the information, you can make a wise choice about which types of beams are right for you!

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