How to Empty a Self Dumping Hopper

If you need to empty a self-dumping hopper, you can follow the steps outlined in the YouTube video. The video highlights crucial factors you should consider and how to prepare for the process. You must familiarize yourself with the features of the self-dumping hopper you’ll be working with. If you’re new to this job, you can always get information from the local hopper shops.

The Right Procedure When Emptying a Self-Dumping Hopper

As with any job, you must ensure the safety measures are in place before you begin. For example, ensure you have safety gear and equipment, such as safety gloves and glasses.

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Next, you’ll want to inspect the hopper for¬†defects or abnormalities and ensure the release mechanism works correctly. Ensure that the hopper is on a flat surface and stable before you commence. It should be properly aligned for uploading.

Ensure that the material in the hopper is spread out evenly and doesn’t exceed the maximum weight load. You should maintain a balance when unloading, and you won’t be able to do this if either of these requirements isn’t met. Before you start the dumping process, do one last inspection to ensure the area is clear of obstruction or people. Then, activate the self-dumping mechanism.

Throughout the process, you should monitor the unloading until it is complete. Ensure the hopper doesn’t spill any contents onto the ground. When you are done, you can do one last inspection.


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