The Performance Characteristics of Industrial Insulation Blankets

This video, created by Owens Corning, presents an interesting experiment and analysis to compare several different kinds of thermal insulation.

The experiment involves taping each thermal insulation blanket around a pipe and pouring in dry ice to lower the temperature. This presents a similar environment to what happens with refrigeration.

Video Source

The presenter shows the results and explains how to interpret them. Because there are insulators that rely on the entrapment of air to enhance thermal performance and others that rely on the entrapment of low-conductivity gas, there is some nuance to the recorded results.

There are several conclusions to the experiment. The one that is likely the most relevant to the customer is that knowing how each insulation material performs allows for cost savings. You may not need to use as much of one material as another, and this should be considered when pricing out the options.

The presenter suggests that due to its performance at different temperatures and affordable cost, FOMULAR Type IV Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Insulation is the way to go when replacing thermal insulation. An interested customer should watch the video and make a determination based on the experiment and conclusions.


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