What is an H2A Visa Processing Company

The short answer the question is that a h2a visa processing company aids American farmers in filling gaps in employment by hiring immigrant workers. In this video, Shay Meyers will tell you all about it!

Shay also has some friends to talk about their experiences, how working with an H2A Visa helped them provide for their families. They acknowledge that entering the country legally for work is safer and more convenient. A quick stop at a customs agency or better yet hopping on a bus or plane beats a four-day trek through the desert anytime.

Video Source

The migrant workers in this video find that they can earn more money working for one hour in the States than a whole day in Mexico. Plus, buying a car or a house is just easier. Here in America, they work hard but are paid fairly. Shay would like to stress the importance of the American farmer and the symbiotic relationship they have with their field workers.

This video is a rare opportunity to hear from the workers themselves about their experiences. Juan, Samuel, Rafael, Osvaldo, Manuel and Edwin give the migrant worker names and faces, reminding us of their humanity.

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