How Much Can Roofing Services Make?

Before going into a career in roofing, you might be wondering how profitable your roofing business could be. Inspirational stories like that of Glenn Fedale, interviewed in the video above, show that a successful roofing business is possible — if you’ve got what it takes.

Glenn worked hard from a young age to learn the roofing trade and quickly started to grow his business. Today, he has a profit margin of 10-15%, much higher than the industry average. Glenn employs over 70 people and has an annual revenue of 16 million dollars.

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Glenn’s story offers some advice for others interested in starting a career in the roofing service business.

Consider hiring full-time employees instead of sub-contracting. Loyal, goal-oriented, and responsible full-time employees will help you grow a successful long-time business. Since roofing has a healthy average profit margin of 6-8%, you can reinvest your profits into new companies and other money-making ventures.

With the support of your friends and family, and dedicated hard work, you can also make money through roofing services. Glenn and others like him in the roofing industry are proof that the American dream is alive and well.

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