Why Extracurricular Activities Are Valuable for Future Business Leaders

Is it your dream to go to a top school, study business, and become a business leader? The video offers very interesting and poignant insight into how admissions boards at Ivy League colleges assess extracurricular activities. This advice coming directly from members of these boards also applies to how these activities benefit a future business leader’s organizational savvy and skill.

Extracurricular activities refer to everything outside the classroom. Leadership, management, and organizational abilities are often developed in extracurricular activities.

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This is because these activities allow young people to stand on their own without authoritative guidance, and work to develop a skill or interest within a team of similarly-minded people.

Holding leadership positions in various clubs and organizations is great, but the most important thing is to do something that is meaningful to you, something that you really care about. In fact, there may not even be an established club for the sort of things you are interested in. Innovative business leaders are accomplished in whatever it is they have taken on. Leaders in the business world master their interests with in-depth study, commitment, and leadership. You are more likely to develop leadership skills if you have shown a passion for an extracurricular activity and a dedication to mastering it.


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