What Is an AWS Certification?

Do you enjoy working with your hands and repairing or building certain items?

These days, becoming a welder requires attending a Certified Welder program, like the ones who are AWS Certified Welder. But how can you become an AWS Certified Welder? Here’s what to know.

Who are Eligible to Become an AWS Certified Welder?

The program for AWS Certified Welder is open to people who have talents for welding.

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The test is strictly performance-based and there will be no pre-requisite course prior to the test. If you can do the welding that is necessary to pass the test, then you can be eligible to be one of the AWS Certified Welders.

To become certified, the welders must be able to meet the minimum requirement criteria and pass the test.

Why do Welders Want to Become Certified?

This program is designed to give “transferable” credentials to those professional welders who demonstrated a skill level that the industry wants. Volunteers who represent all sections of the industry came to a consensus on skills that an AWS Certified Welder demonstrates. This simply means that you earned credentials that reflect the needs of an industry.

The value of this certification is immense and this career can boost their income. Besides, the welding certification is proof of the efficiency of welders, as well as improving their expertise. Certified welders conduct the process of certification according to regulations.


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