Types of Fabrication

Perhaps you’ve heard about the fabrication of industrial products.

Fabrication is actually a manufacturing process that shapes metal or any other industrial products like glass or wood, into parts or end products.

People would usually think of welding when they hear metal fabrication.

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But welding is just another process that fabricators use. There are actually several techniques that shape industry materials into parts or goods.

Here are the types of fabrication processes to know.


This is the pouring of molten metal and allows it to cool and harden into a preferred shape.


This is the common fabrication of industrial materials and is split into smaller portions. And while the oldest method is sewing, there are already modern cutting such as waterjet cutting, plasma arc cutting, power scissors, and more.


This is a fabrication process that works by manipulating materials like metal to bend at an angle.


Uses tensile in forcing to pull the metal into or through the tapered die. It’s usually done a room temperature, called cold drawing.


This process works by manipulating the metal to bend at an angle. It’s also used to shape sheet metal and can be done with metal at room temperature.


In this process, the workpiece is forced through or around the open or closed die. This is when the diameter of the workpiece is reduced when forced.


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