How to Rebuild a Wrecked Viper

You can easily find wrecked Vipers for sale online, and it’s often cheaper to buy them in auctions. Once you’ve done that, you can work on them. The Youtube video “Rebuilding Wrecked 2006 Viper Dodge Rebuild in 10 Mins” shows exactly how they turned a ruined Viper back to its former glory.

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The main issue with the Viper shown in the video seemed to be the exterior of the car because they turned on the engine, and it was running perfectly fine. However, the most damage happened in the front, so the new owner had to be careful while dismantling that part of the body to avoid any problems with the engine later. The hard work started after they took apart some of the body.

Once they did that, they started repairing the hood, which needed a minor fix in the corner, but it was time-consuming. Some stickers needed to be removed to avoid ruining them during the process. The minor dent was sanded down and restored as needed. Afterward, the new owner focused on fixing the rims, which they wanted to preserve.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about finding wrecked Vipers for sale.


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