A Guide on Water Heater Installs

If you are interested in doing your own water heater installs, there are many steps you’ll need to follow. First, you need to turn off the existing water heater. Make sure that everything is shut down before you start.

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Then, you’ll need to open the hot water source and then shut off the water by disconnecting the lines. After that, you’ll need to disconnect the gas lines to stay safe from many risks.

After each of these steps is followed, you can remove the old water heater from its position and carry it out. Then, attach the water and gas lines to the new water heater. After this, reconnect the vent. You can then turn on the hot water. Then, light the pilot light again. Next, flush the system thoroughly. This will help the water to be cleaner later when the hot water heater is used.

Check your anode rod and make sure it’s in good condition. This is what will take on most of the deterioration as your water heater is used. You may want to replace it after a few years. When you do water heater installs by yourself, you save several hundred dollars in labor costs by doing it yourself.


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