Understanding LTL and FTL Shipping

AFMS understands that different shipping methods are necessary for the various business and companies that utilize our services. That is why we have both less-than-truckload (LTL) shipping, as well as full-truckload (FTL) shipping options depending on your needs. According to Statista, 87 billion parcels are shipped globally in 2018 alone, and this number stays consistent in the following years. With all of these parcel shipping needs, there are bound to be different avenues of delivery, and AFMS takes that into account.

Benefits of LTL Shipping

LTL is a shipping method that is used when the freight being transferred weighs light enough to not warrant the need for an entire trailer. Typically, this calls for under 15,000 pounds but more than 150 pounds. This method reduces costs by not using large trailers without actual cause. This also allows more space freed up for other shipments, but you only pay for the space your parcel shipping contract is taking up. This method reduces overall shipping costs as well as the risk of damaged goods since the contents are typically placed onto pallets before being put into the appropriate truck.

Benefits of FTL Shipping

FTL, on the other hand, allows you to utilize an entire trailer for only your cargo so you are not sharing space with another company’s shipments. This provides direct travel to your destination, with no added stops along the way. Larger loads with high priority would benefit from this method of travel, particularly when a direct shipment is a necessity. If you have loads that are smaller, or significantly under 15,000 pounds, you may want to consider LTL rather than FTL to ensure your parcels are safe during transit.

Using the knowledge of these befits and restrictions may help you determine which shipping method makes sense for you. Through mode and carrier service optimization studies, AFMS has been able to determine the best methods of transporting goods depending on the situation and cargo. Prioritizing punctuality, convenience, and the best financial options for your individual needs is what AFMS does best. If you would like to discuss parcel contract optimization and to learn more about what method will be best for your company, give us a call today!

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