Some Pitfalls of College Admission Software

Many colleges use college admission software for their prospective students. The software is typically convenient, organized, and fair. However, there are still some pitfalls to using technology for this process.

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Here’s how.

Schools have increasingly used algorithms during admissions cycles to boost yield and meet tuition-based revenue goals. Hundreds of higher education institutions are procuring algorithms that strategically allocate scholarships to convince more students to enroll. In higher education, hundreds of colleges use algorithms in the admissions process. Their primary use is predicting how much money a student will need from the college to enroll.

Unfortunately, the widespread use of enrollment management algorithms may also be hurting students, especially due to their narrow focus on enrollment. Colleges should also ensure an active role for humans in these processes, such as exclusively using people to evaluate application quality and hiring internal data scientists who can challenge algorithmic specifications.

Colleges need to be careful when using admission software to make sure their processes are still fair and accurate.


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